Inflation: here are five tips to save on your food budget

Inflation: here are five tips to save on your food budget

With the general increase in the cost of living, the French continue to lose purchasing power. Food represents a significant amount of expenditure every month. Here are five tips for saving.

A major item of expenditure: food. With nearly 18% of monthly expenses, the impact on the budget of the French is not small. Especially in this period of generalized inflation.

With the war in Ukraine and the recovery of economic activity post-Covid, prices have increased by around 4% since the start of the year. And the rise is not over. To help you save on the final bill, here are five helpful tips for saving on your food budget.

1. Lean on loyalty cards

These small physical cards or in the form of QR Code on mobile phones often save money. Most supermarkets offer loyalty offers. Recently it was the hard-discount brand Lidl which even got into the game.

Immediate reduction voucher, reduction on a specific range of products, kitty… There are many ways to save money. The real job is to compare the different supermarket offers, to choose the best one, the one that best suits your needs.

2. Buy “anti-waste” products

These items are often stored in the same fridge in a large area. The term “anti-waste” refers to products with a short use-by date. To market them more easily, supermarkets set up very important promotions. A possibility that is as economical as it is ecological.

3. Cook raw materials rather than prepared meals

It is a great classic, which is sometimes important to remember. As a general rule, ready-made cooked products marketed in supermarkets are quite expensive. To save as much as possible, it is recommended to cook your own dishes, buying only the raw materials. In addition, this practice avoids the consumption of ultra-processed products, which are bad for your health. A saving in price but not always in time.

4. Choose distributor brands

Carrefour, Lidl, Super U, Intermarch√©… All large retail supermarkets have house brands. Rather than buying the classic brand, turn to the distributor. It is (often) less expensive and has more or less the same characteristics. In recent years, the quality of these products tends to gain in quality. We sometimes find distributor brands that are more qualitative than the originals. A godsend in these times of inflation.

5. Stick to your shopping list

This is again obvious advice. To limit the price on the final note, it is imperative to buy only the products that you had noted on your list. With this in mind, we will then avoid coming to do the shopping with hunger in our stomachs. Today, there are dozens of applications available on smartphones to make your shopping list. An effective and fun way to develop the paper note.

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